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M&IT Awards - vote for us!

Please vote by clicking on the link below:

VOTE for AMTEvents...after receiving a few votes last week I was made aware we could be put forward for this fantastic M&IT Award, and now heading to Confex, I would love to get the word out there and please request... To my full and wholesome friends, colleagues, network and connections, we would really appreciate you voting for us for - Best Intermediary Agency (Small – up to 20 employees): Small event agencies can make a big impression, and we hope we have! WHY?....since incorporation in June 2020, in the height of the pandemic, we have.... FACTS & FIGURES

...worked with 22 clients, 7 designers, 42 suppliers, 10 venues, 19 freelancers, 18 judges, 8 presenter hosts, 12 speakers, spoken at 3 live events and countless virtual events. We have 5 fantastic partnerships, we have mentored 6 young event professionals, and we have worked with 4 brilliant charities; helping to raise funds totalling just under £10k. OUR MOST RECENT EVENT - Jan 2023

…managed a guest list of 310 at a 5* venue in Nice, France producing a sports awards ceremony, where 11 awards were awarded live on stage and across three streaming channels. In production for the past 6 months, my team of 5 managed the event live on-site alongside brilliant partners and suppliers. We had a beautiful vocalist who performed in both English and French, welcoming guests into the ceremony room. We created a VIP experience in the penthouse suite with breath-taking views across the Cote d’Azur. We managed travel and accommodation for elite talent, going the extra mile to recommend and book private destination dinners, where guests were welcomed to personal notes & champagne. SUSTAINABILITY & ECO …made decisions to purposefully allow for a more sustainable and improved event process, encouraging processes both vocally and silently for clients including but not limited to: - Using limited print, preferentially using digital signage - Upcycling table centres repurposed as live table auction event momentos to raise money for associated charities - Ordering vegetarian starters - Organising group travel where possible instead of solo transfers - Accounting for food wastage in final order numbers and speaking with venues on their post event processes - Offsetting necessary team air travel with the purchase of official airline Conservation & Reforestation Tree Planting Schemes - Limiting event swag on offer to guests - Producing an eco-award with longevity and sustainability met with design in mind, with avoidance of plastic and unrecyclable materials, manufactured from: Ø 50% recycled aluminium Ø 3D cut vegetable starch with an inlay of real gold liquid sitting on a triangle of 50% recycled brushed aluminium on a Bamboo base Ø Shout out to @Showstoppers @Keith Hall


…continued to create, design, positively disrupt, stand for principle and what is right, be brave, build, believe, retain, learn and protect. Being a female founder and a new mother, I am no stranger to fighting to be included, the glass ceiling has been there in stages to seniority, being accepted and being heard. I have fought to be respected and grafted to see success and results. I think I can be proud that I have persevered with the strong knowledge and background I have in events to finally be able to say ‘I own an agency and we create beautiful experience driven events’. DIVERSITY & INCLUSION …ensured we are aware of and automatically work with diversity and inclusion in mind by:

- Selecting diverse as well as female majority speaking and judging panels key selecting freelancers and talent based on experience and role fit. - We have been mindful of disabilities, including physical and intellectual, in planning to ensure there is full accessibility at our events with consideration as guests, speakers, presenters… - Including a live sign language interpreter at our events on screen and during broadcast where possible - Working with charities to build awareness and contribute to good causes - Volunteering time to good causes - Working with multi-lingual & cultural staffing teams, most recently accounting for 8 languages in one event.


….taken the route to vision success, and not cut corners.

- We strive to do better for our clients, to create harder and be original, to grow with our events.

- This is just the start for AMTEvents, we are making progress, but we have a lot more to do. AWARDS

…have been nominated and won a number of awards including:

- 2021 & 2022 C&IT Top 5 Challenger Agency - 2022 LinkedIn Most Engaged Groups on LinkedIn - C&IT 2021 Agency A-List - Eventex 2021 Influential Top 100 - 2022 Surrey Business Awards Shortlist - 2022 Womens Business Conference Award Shortlist - AEO 2021 Shortlist SINCERITY & CARE

Our work is completed with 200% input to detail and dedication and 200% genuine care to match. We work to produce the best the events can be, to produce guest smiles and to help our clients accomplish their goals. Now I know there are some other very deserving and fantastic agencies out there alongside AMTEvents, but if you believe we have what it takes to win this award then a nomination for recognition, let alone a WIN would mean the WORLD to us.

Please vote by clicking on the link below: Thank you for all your support, it is ALWAYS appreciated and NEVER goes unnoticed.

Some images from the past 6 months… thanking most importantly my family for always supporting me with everything I do.

I will leave you with some client testimonials:


I have been to a large number of award galas over the years, but there was something incredibly special about this one. From the mix of short, middle and long-distance athletes to the awesome ambiance to the fact that organising parties worked together to create a once-in-a-lifetime event. It was classy and fun at the same time. I couldn’t be prouder to be the first Lifetime Award recipient. The team that put on this evening should be applauded for a job well done!

Guest & Ultimate Award Winner, 2023

Please visit our website for further testimonials: Anna-Marie X ANNA-MARIE TRZEBINSKI Founder & Creative Event Director +44 (0)7751 221 860 Founder of UK Events Professionals Community - now with over 2500 members and a growing membership waiting list.

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