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Gail's for a day

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Our guests were lucky enough to be welcomed by the owner of Gail's into one of their London HQ kitchens to learn all about Gail’s route to success and their rapid expansion. They were also treated to an expert bakery workshop run by Gail's resident patisserie chef followed by a signature delicious lunch.

What two star signature pastries should you make sure you try when you visit? Our guests know, and they know how they should taste, to perfection!

Guests were lucky enough to produce pastries from Gail’s infamous sour dough alongside learning about it’s prebiotic goodness and gut supporting fibre before tucking into a deliciously prepared Gail’s lunch, the stuff of mouth watering dreams.

We know our favourite pastries, do you? If you would like an experience that no other can buy…get in touch with us and we will pull the brief together for you; not over the top but enough to give a real guest bonding experience.

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