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AMTEvents works with film and production in many different ways.

We create event films to engage with audiences, to laugh at, to have fun with, to capture a companies essence & to remember the amazing events we have produced.

Meet our wonderful team today, they are fabulous to have on site!

LFW Designer Showcase

Portico Rooms


With Bloody Gray

Working with Fashion PR House Bloody Gray, we pulled together a collective designer show for London Fashion Week that was at the cutting edge & creatively innovative. Through inspired and resourceful sponsorship alongside interactive audience engagement, the show was attended at maximum capacity with the queue full of top media press & fashion buyers leading down the corridor.

Dr Dre Beats sponsored silent fashion films and a model installation protest shocked guests in the final space with a surprise performance. Models stood as mannequins in the main room & designers were fully engaged & ready to talk passionately about their research, motivations & final collection masterpieces.

Haizhen Wang SS13
London Fashion Week
On Schedule Catwalk Show



With Bloody Gray

"I felt very excited, thrilled, extremely tired to be producing this event for our designer. Running on adrenaline, it was wonderful the day we had all worked towards so hard had finally come. Everything we had worked so hard towards was coming together to showcase an extremely talented recognised designer & Haizhen's considered collection was the highlight in the key eyes of the global fashion media.“


AMT saw the debut of Haizhen Wang’s first On Schedule Show since he was presented with the Fashion Fringe Award; the anticipation was real and the show was a highlight of London Fashion Week. Through key collaborations, considered model casting, extensive front of house and back stage planning and press interviews, the fashion show was a real success. The media gave a camera flashing frenzy when the models took to the runway and the buzz backstage before, during and after the catwalk was highly contagious. The detail of coordination was down to the bootstep!


AMT treated bloggers to unique VIP privileges in the lead up to the show & vital press interviews were arranged in advance for Haizhen backstage and post show in a nearby secret location.

The EPCF Awards 2022



Linkedin Event Professionals Community

Post COVID, the events industry had its challenges, but on a shoestring budget AMTEvents pulled together a five star supplier list enabling event professionals from the industry to be recognised for not only their talents but their commitment & support to the industry throughout the pandemic.

The Business Design Centre, London was the perfect location for these awards, with a fantastic team who bent over backwards to accommodate us not one, but TWO years in a row, with a live event growing attendance from envious online onlookers from the previous year. Anyone that attended said, 'Oh What A Night!'

We look forward to running another EPCF Awards Show in the near future!

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