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Glamping & Sustainability

Camping may not be the best option for you or your team, but Glamping might be the right choice to connect both with nature and those who you take with you on the experience. The growth in the Glamping market is taking the world by storm. Enjoy all the perks of camping and being outdoors with none of the work and all of the amenities. Glamping is ideal for both family trips and corporate retreats.

“Glamping” or glamourous camping has become a trend starting in 2007 with the rise of music festivals and attendees wanting more creature comforts and higher service.

There are so many choices when it comes to how you want to glamp. This includes Yurts, Bells, Lodges, Tepees and Pods.

After COVID, glamping is the perfect way to take your team or your family out of the city for a couple of days. There will be minimal to no set up involved in your travel and you ccan get rid of all of the stress that comes with camping.

Most Glamping sites have a major focus on sustainability and making the stay as eco-friendly as possible.

There are some fabulous Glamping sites right here in the UK.

Parkhall Glamping Pods, Derbyshire

These pods sit in the beautiful countryside with only cows as your neighbours. Included in the pod you have a kitchenette, sofa, luxurious bed, bathroom, internet and a hot tub!


At this camping site in Devon, surrounded by 40 acres of woods, you can spend your time watching the wild life. This site is a bit moe similar to camping but you will have your own log burner, campfire pit and bed in your private yurt.


At Camp Katur, you can experience the skies with 360 degree views from your pof. The camp has activities from quad bikes, Segway tours, a treetop adventure course, massages, hot tub and sauna.

These are just some of so many new options all over the UK and each camp offers a completely different experience, with different levels of service and amenities that might be right for you.


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