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Ruby Wax headlines at The Mayfair

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

"One of our clients gathered guests for a private audience with Ruby Wax at The Mayfair Hotel, exclusively hiring their stunning vintage Hollywood style theatre. The evening saw guests arrive in style to champagne and canapés, soon to be guided through to the theatre, where Ruby gave a 40-minute session and show on her personal mental health journey and subsequent new book release before answering the audience's questions.

The evening continued in the Mayfair Danziger Suite, where guests enjoyed the after show thought and discussion over bowl food and an open bar. The hustle and bustle drew to a close near midnight and a small number of guests retired to a company reserved area in the hotel bar to enjoy the company of their newly made connections for the rest of the evening.”

If you have a requirement to bring clients together in celebration or hospitality for relationship establishment, networking enabling or product understanding let us know!

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