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MIT: The Strength I Found In 2020

Before going freelance I worked for :- A wide range of companies across the financial, fashion, technology, prime real estate, design and private wealth sectors in the events industry.

The reason I went Freelance was :- because I was unfortunately let go and not furloughed. However I have always wanted to begin my own company and have been advised by clients, colleagues and friends for a long time to do so. I am now able to fulfil my full ambition without holding back or regret.

AMTEvents Anna-Marie was interviewed by MIT magazine on her experience in the pandemic

AMTEvents is an inclusive and privilege neutral company, focusing on kindness, being confident, and giving back. Understanding what is needed and valued from the viewpoint of both the client and as an employee is really what makes us stand out.

There are a lot of strong women in the industry, and I’ve seen this more than ever during lockdown with new start‐ups. Taking time to connect with these women has created a positive and helpful community. It’s been a pleasure and a struggle, but a positive mindset and a defined strategy allows you to really find your feet. I am excited and confident for the future of AMTEvents, the outlook for the rest of the year is a positive one.


Like many others, I have faced challenges throughout my career including imposter syndrome, burnout, and workflow. It’s easy to get caught in the moment, become overwhelmed and lose perspective, so here are my top tips to overcome them:

1)      Manage your clients effectively, making sure deadlines are clear and set from the beginning. Look after your team and know your limitations.

2)      Take breaks when you need them. A quiet mind allows you to see new solutions.

3)      Set goals and have a plan for your career/future. If you find yourself in a position where you’re not happy, these goals will allow you to refocus on what’s important.

4)      It’s all about your network and building relationships. Genuine relationships lead to referrals and recommendations, and that’s more opportunities that will naturally come your way.

My advice for other female #Eventprofs to smash through the glass ceiling would be to believe in yourself and create your own opportunities. LinkedIn is a massive tool for success when used correctly. You can find out where you want to be, who works there and build connections. Another piece of advice would be to recognise your weaknesses, but not concentrate on them, and instead focus your attention on how you can move past them. By doing this you’ll gain more confidence and make the right decisions.


Finding where and what sparks your inspiration is also important to consider. Whether it’s from photography for a creative output, pottering around in the garden or going for a walk in the woods in the fresh air, I find colour combinations and shapes can inspire my future work as references. Pre‐covid you could often find me doodling in my sketchpad as I wander around museums and exhibitions; it’s all about finding what works best for you.

Finally, time is precious, so remember to take time to reflect, have fun and enjoy the journey as much as the end destination.

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