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Speaking with Hopin: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Please see HERE for webinar description.

There is significant work to be done for event professionals to move forward with inclusivity and diversity. 

M&IT Magazine recently reported on research developed by Fay Sharpe, founder of Fast Forward 15, and Dr. Kate Dashper, Director of Research at Leeds Beckett University.

Using IMEX’s global network, more than 600 participants helped paint an accurate picture of the state of diversity and inclusivity in the events industry and revealed there is still work to be done.

The research found that the sector predominantly consisted of white professionals (82%) with just 3% of event professionals identifying as black, African, or Caribbean.

The research also broached issues including who holds the majority of senior management positions. Despite the industry consisting mainly of women, the research participants indicated that 46% of male event professionals hold executive roles, compared to just 23% of women.

There is also a lack of representation from those with disabilities working in events, with only 3% identifying as having a disability, compared to the UK average of 18% of the working-age population having a disability.

Join us as we take a deep dive into diversity and inclusion within the events industry. We have some amazing speakers joining us: 

  • Stephanie Utting, Managing Director, emc3

  • Gabrielle Austen-Browne, Founder, Diversity Ally

  • Anna-Marie Trzebinski, Founder of AMT Events

We’re going to be covering several key topics including: 

  • Why is there such a lack of diversity in leadership roles within the events industry?

  • What can we do to promote diversity and inclusion?

  • How can we make our hiring practices and HR policies more inclusive?

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