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AMTEvents Launch

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AMTEvents Virtual Launch took place at 4:00pm on Thursday 18th June 2020, with 70 guests over the course of one hour. The AMTEvents team, Toni, Amy & Ieva, helped manage the virtual production and the live event.

We received fantastic and warm feedback for the creative production, smooth delivery and fun entertainment aspect alongside delivering a lot of brand information ensuring an infomative session.

We opened with our AMTEvents film, ran a live chatbox competition, created a live song in collaboration with the guests and even had the debut demo of the AMTEvents Summer Cocktail, with the final ingredient voted for by followers in the lead up to the event!

We picked the winner of the competition post event and announced on social media, hand delivering to the winner the very next day, a beautiful giftbox filled with goodies accompanied by a fresh AMTEvents cocktail and stylish glass to match!

As a CALL TO ACTION at the launch, Anna-Marie gave access to her diary for consultation bookings and as a result AMTEvents had 5 live enquiries in the next 2 weeks.

We followed up with our guests on socials and one month later sent them a small launch video recap as a thank you, with extra thanks for their support. We do love to stay in touch with our clients, supporters and key supply chain.

AMTEvents had a blast at the launch and we are so glad our guests did too!

Collaborators & Partners

Many thanks to all our wonderful collaborating partners:

Gully, Film Production @ Sunday Treat!

Sam, Bespoke Fresh Ingredient Cocktails @ Rum Runner

Sam & Ardiana, Digital Website Support @ Emc3

Sam & Neil, Entertainment @ Song Division  

Damian, Printing @ Colourpoint


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-19 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-19 at 09.35.33 (1

Song Division live on mic...

accompanied by bass....

lyrics created by guests!

Rustic Table Setting
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Rustic Table Setting
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