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A-List Celebrity Celebration

Berkshire - UK

Given three weeks before touch down, 60 A-List guests from the USA arrived in the UK for a 'Universally' renowned name to celebrate their 40th Birthday in STYLE! Venue sourcing was a challenge but we found the perfect match for the logistics required.

'Flying Down to Rio' 1933's hit success film, was our theme with a purpose of 1930s drama & design followed by Rios showtime colour! Of course we can't forget the logistics for the exciting, fully risk assessed, management of the guest wing-walking, that was coordinated to take place at a nearby airfield.

We transformed the venue decor theme overnight to the surprise of many guests who came out of their hotel room to find it was not the hallway they had walked in from. Surprises at every corner.


A team of 60 worked solid for four days to bring the theme & adventure to life in the venue. It was a truly proud moment to be in the events industry, enjoyed by all.

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